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Our Mission

Here at Cottonwood Kennels we believe that each pet is an individual and should be cared for based on their physical and emotional needs. We provide a balance between social enrichment, individual activities, and rest. We treat each pet as we would our own, and we believe that open communication with their owners is crucial to success.

Cottonwood Kennels has been in operation since 1972, and although our business has grown, we are still about the person to pet connection. With upwards of 40 staff members year-round, there is always lots of love to go around to the furry friends that visit us.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are our number one priority. To ensure proper standards are met, our facility is regulated and inspected by the Department of Agriculture. We offer a high person to pet ratio to ensure that your pet has adequate supervision. The owner also lives on site as an additional safety precaution.

Cottonwood Kennels requires current vaccinations for all pets that visit. For extra peace of mind, our playgroups are separated by size and energy level and our fences are tall and secure. The facility is cleaned daily with hospital grade, pet safe products, that are rotated to prevent bacterial and viral resistance. Pet bedding is also laundered and sanitized offsite at a commercial facility. All play yards are AstroTurf to provide a comfortable, clean area to play!

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