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Our Recent Awards

Best of Boulder County 2019 Boulder Weekly
Boulder County Gold People's Choice Award
Colorado Daily CU & Boulder's Best 2019
Colorado Daily CU & Boulder's Best 2019

What Our Clients are Saying

“My dog loves and I mean LOVES this place. The staff is so friendly and never fails to make my family feel welcome or make my pup feel so loved. He gets to play all day and is happy happy when he arrives and super wiped out when he leaves! So thankful for the people here!”

-Mackenzie with Freckles

“Elvis always has a great time at Cottonwood!! I love to check all the nice fun pictures of super happy dogs playing you guys post every day. Thanks to all the nice staff, you do an amazing job entertaining our special friends!”

-Adriana with Elvis

“Great folks!! Our dog Ruskie can’t get enough of this place!! He comes home and sleeps for 24 hours straight from all the playtime. Thanks for taking great care of our Boo!”

-Jason with Ruskie

“We’ve boarded our companions (both cats and dogs) at Cottonwood for years and cannot recommend them more highly. Their top-notch service includes: Clean and well-kept facilities. Ease of scheduling. And the most attentive, friendly and amazing staff who treat our animals as if they were their own. We travel frequently and leaving our animals behind can sometimes be hard—but just seeing how excited our four-leggeds get when we pull into Cottonwood’s parking lot makes us feel a lot better!  Cottonwood has been a phenomenal gift to our family—true peace of mind for us, and exceptional care for our animal companions.”

-Kristen with Cutie and Tanner

“Moe would most likely say that Cottonwood is his first home, and mine is just a place he goes to eat and sleep when not boarding or romping in play group. I’m fine with that. He practically tears my arm off trying to get in the door every morning, which makes perfect sense, as he gets love from arrival to departure. Which he does at home too, but apparently, it’s just not the same. He never drags me into the house. Cottonwood is defined by the caring, committed, wonderful people who work there. I trust them implicitly to take care of my boy. They work tirelessly and cheerfully in all weather to make sure every dog has a great experience every day. They have taught me how to be a better guardian, and I will always be grateful for their attentiveness to his health, their advice to me on every aspect of his care, and their genuine affection for him. Moe has been at Cottonwood since he was just six months old, I won’t take him anywhere else. ”

-Clove with Moe

Voted Best in Boulder for over 20 Years!

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