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Doggie Play Care

Group Play

Cottonwood Kennels offers a farm like atmosphere with lots of outdoor time to its furry daycare clientele. Our playgrounds are very large and spacious as to ensure everyone has enough room to romp and play or settle down to sunbathe or lounge around. Summer playgroups often include pool time, playing with hoses, or laying around under cooling misters.

We offer two different playgroups that are divided up by size so that your pup can be comfortable with their friends and surroundings. Our small dog kiddos have an indoor-outdoor play area which allows them to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our large dog group happens outdoors year-round, so it can’t hurt to call ahead during inclement weather.

Due to insurance purposes, we do have certain breed restrictions in our groups and we require all of our furry clientele to have a good temperament. Puppies that are over 7 months old and have not been spayed or neutered will participate in private time with the staff instead of the group. And of course, if our group doesn’t seem like a good fit for whatever reason, we have plenty of other options to keep your dog entertained and happy!

Pasture Walks

Here at Cottonwood Kennels we offer other activities for pet’s that don’t integrate well with the group. Our large pasture offers a great outlet for those that may be overstimulated around the other dogs or prefer to be with people instead. Pets that visit us for daycare that don’t partake in group play will enjoy three playtimes with a staff member in their own individual playground, a private comfortable kennel for rest times, and at least one walk out in the pasture.

Out on our pasture walks, we offer a variety of different mental and physical enrichment activities. We to utilize toys and treats whenever possible, and if your pet is up for it, they can try out our agility course or other fun things like dock diving or swimming in our pond.

Additional Info

Daycare is available every day from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and you can drop off and pick up at your convenience. We offer half days of daycare which is any 5 hours, and full days as well. Punch cards can be purchased too where you prepay for 9 days up front and get the 10th day free! Additional discounts are available for multi-pet families as well.

Current Pricing

Large Dogs: $34 Half Day / $44 Full Day
Small Dogs: $31 Half Day / $38 Full Day

Reservations are required and can be made up to 2 months in advanced!