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Play, stay, eat, sleep and repeat

Nestled on a small farm just east of Boulder, you’ll find the perfect vacation in the country for your pet. We provide a safe, comfortable and fun atmosphere to play, stay, eat, sleep and repeat. Here at Cottonwood Kennels we believe that every pet is an individual and we strive to make this their home away from home. Our boarding is all inclusive, so that means no more paying extra for the activities and goodies that your pet deserves and needs.

Your pet is unique

Our boarding accommodations come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your pet’s individual needs. Some enjoy the luxury of having a cushy comfy indoor suite, while others prefer an indoor-outdoor run with their own private patio.

Pets thrive with our structured routine that was designed by veterinarians to best accommodate their feeding and play times.

Mental and physical stimulation is provided in a variety of ways while with us. Pets that stay with us enjoy three private play times with a staff member throughout the day, in addition to either doing our doggie play care or our pasture walks. For the extra enthusiastic, additional activities like agility and swimming are available. For our special seniors or people-oriented pups, one on one relaxation time or office time is also an option.

Once you have a boarding stay scheduled, we require a free trial day of doggie daycare to meet your pet and ensure they will do well at our facility!

Cat Boarding

Boarding cats have their own area on the second floor that is quiet and comfortable with lots of room to explore. Each kitty has their own individual kennel with everything they need during their down time. Throughout the day, they take turns and enjoy free roam of the cattery and all of its playthings, including a large sunny bay window to relax in.


Our boarding rates are all inclusive and vary depending on your pets size and the length of their stay with us. Base rates start at $59.95 for the small dogs and range up to $77.95 for larger dogs.  Our base rate for cats and other small mammals start at $39.95 per day.  Stays of 5 consecutive days or longer receive a discount of 10%-15% off and we offer price breaks on your last day of boarding for picking up earlier in the day!

Please call us for more specific boarding pricing!  303.442.2602